Module type CamomileLibrary.UnicodeString.Type

module type Type = sig .. end

type t 
The type of string.
val get : t -> int -> CamomileLibrary.UChar.t
get t i : i-th character of the storage.
val init : int ->
(int -> CamomileLibrary.UChar.t) -> t
init len f creates a new storage. the returned storage has length len, its nth-element is f n. f is called with integers 0 ... len - 1, only once for each integer. The call is in the increasing order f 0, f 1, f 2, ...
val length : t -> int
The number of Unicode characters in the storage
type index 
locations in storages.
val look : t ->
index -> CamomileLibrary.UChar.t
look t i : The character in the location i of t.
val nth : t ->
int -> index
nth t n : the location of the n-th character in t.

next x i, prev x i : The operation is valid if i points the valid element, i.e. the returned value may point the location beyond valid elements by one. If i does not point a valid element, the results are unspecified.
val next : t ->
index ->
val prev : t ->
index ->
val out_of_range : t ->
index -> bool
val iter : (CamomileLibrary.UChar.t -> unit) ->
t -> unit
val compare : t ->
t -> int
val first : t ->
The location of the first character in the storage.
val last : t ->
The location of the last character in the storage.
val move : t ->
index ->
int -> index
move t i n : if n >= 0, then returns n-th character after i and otherwise returns -n-th character before i. If there is no such character, or i does not point a valid character, the result is unspecified.
val compare_index : t ->
index ->
index -> int
compare_index t i j returns a positive integer if i is the location placed after j in t, 0 if i and j point the same location, and a negative integer if i is the location placed before j in t.
module Buf: sig .. end
Character buffers.