Functor CamomileLibrary.ULine.Make

module Make: 
functor (Text : CamomileLibrary.UnicodeString.Type) -> Type with type text = Text.t
Text : CamomileLibrary.UnicodeString.Type

type text 
class input_line : CamomileLibrary.UChar.t #CamomileLibrary.OOChannel.obj_input_channel -> [text] CamomileLibrary.OOChannel.obj_input_channel
new input_line input_obj creates the new input channel object CamomileLibrary.OOChannel.obj_input_channel which reads Unicode characters from input_obj and output lines.
class output_line : ?sp:CamomileLibrary.ULine.separator -> CamomileLibrary.UChar.t #CamomileLibrary.OOChannel.obj_output_channel -> [text] CamomileLibrary.OOChannel.obj_output_channel
new output_line ~sp output_obj create the new output channel object CamomileLibrary.OOChannel.obj_output_channel which output each line to output_obj using sp as a line separator.