Functor CamomileLibrary.Make

module Make: 
functor (Config : ConfigInt.Type) -> Type with module OOChannel = OOChannel and module UChar = UChar and module USet = USet and module UMap = UMap and module UCharTbl = UCharTbl and module UnicodeString = UnicodeString and module UText = UText and module XString = XString and module SubText = SubText and module ULine = ULine and module Locale = Locale and module CharEncoding = CharEncoding.Configure(Config) and module UTF8 = UTF8 and module UTF16 = UTF16 and module UCS4 = UCS4 and module UPervasives = UPervasives and module URe = URe and module UCharInfo = UCharInfo.Make(Config) and module UNF.Make = UNF.Make(Config) and module UCol.Make = UCol.Make(Config) and module CaseMap.Make = CaseMap.Make(Config) and module UReStr = UReStr.Configure(Config) and module StringPrep.Make = StringPrep.Make(Config)
All-in-one, configure once modules
Config : ConfigInt.Type

module OOChannel: sig .. end
module UChar: sig .. end
module USet: sig .. end
module UMap: sig .. end
module UCharTbl: sig .. end
module UnicodeString: sig .. end
module UText: sig .. end
module XString: sig .. end
module SubText: sig .. end
module ULine: sig .. end
module Locale: sig .. end
module CharEncoding: CamomileLibrary.CharEncoding.Interface 
module UTF8: sig .. end
module UTF16: sig .. end
module UCS4: sig .. end
module UPervasives: sig .. end
module URe: sig .. end
module UCharInfo: CamomileLibrary.UCharInfo.Type 
module UNF: sig .. end
module UCol: sig .. end
module CaseMap: sig .. end
module UReStr: CamomileLibrary.UReStr.Interface 
module StringPrep: sig .. end